B.FM Radio Station – New Episode – Great Voices Part 1 #SamCooke, #Prince, #MichaelJackson, #EvaCassidy & Many More…


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Yeah, I’m back  at it. I’ve missed doing this show but other things took up important time, and recording two albums left no time for preparing the B.FM shows. (They take up most of a day to put together.)

But with the second album, done and only days from being released, I took today out to get back into the swing.

All of my radio shows have a theme and today’s theme is Great Voices. These are people who, without all the Olympic yodelling of some of today’s major league pop acts, can transform a song into something you can’t pass by. Of course there are too many great voices to include in one show so there will be a follow up shortly.

In the meantime, sit back and listen to some great songs, performed by some truly wonderful singers.





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